How much does it cost to repair a trumpet?

How much does a trumpet dent, bell, lead pipe or valve repair cost?

Trying to do DIY instrument repairs without proper foundational knowledge and guidance can cause a lot of damage.

There are times when you can attempt a simple DIY repair, such as with stuck valves, and there are times you need to take your instrument straight into a repair shop, such as with dents or impact damage.

How much does it cost to repair a trumpet?

How much does it cost to repair a trumpet?

Trumpet dent repair cost

Trumpet bell repair cost

Trumpet lead pipe repair cost

Trumpet valve repair cost

What NOT to do

The second I'd like to talk about when what not do about or with instrument repairs. The things that I talk about here are for trumpets but will also apply to other brass instruments in general.

Tip #1 — Don't try to solder the braces

The most common thing that sends trumpet players to a repair shop is the infamous stuck mouthpiece.

That is why a wrote an easy, step-by-step how to remove a stuck mouthpiece DIY guide some time back. My main concern when with that guide was to make it as unlikely as possible that you do manage your instrument when following it.

Typically, when you try to take our your stuck mouthpiece without proper instruction, the result is broken braces.

A even bigger mistake is attempting to solder the braces.

Don't try to solder the braces. You likely don't have the right equipment, and you're probably going to mess something up and make it an even bigger repair job.

Tip #2 — Don't try to straighten the bell, or anything else

If you drop your trumpet, for instance, and the bell gets bent or some impact damage, leave it.

It will probably be fine.

You are better off waiting till you get to a repair shop with any kind of dent.

Undoing the attempts of somebody else trying to repair dents almost always makes it worse. A repair technician can make things almost invicible when they are done, providing they have the original dent.

A repair technician will tell when you attempted to repair a dent and ended up poking a hole right through the bell, for instance, and they will charge you extra for the trouble.

When things are stuck, such as when you can't get caps off, valves don't go up and down, slides are stuck, there's right ways and wrong ways to do DIY repairs.

If you are having a problem with a stuck slides, here's the right way to get trumpet slides unstuck without causing further damage. Sometimes you just can't get them unstuck, and that's that. Take your instrument in to a repair shop.

Tip #3 — Don't bath a lacquered instrument in hot water

As a last somewhat related tip that brings instruments to a repair shop frequently is cleaning your instruments the wrong way.

When cleaning your trumpet, you want to stick with lukewarm, or cold water and mild soaps.

Bathing your lacquered trumpet in hot water results in the kind of dicoloration that will send you straight to the repair shop.

I've seen lacquer loosen and float right to the top of the bath tub on a pretty much brand new instrument. You don't want to ever see that.

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